Trinity Bay RV Park Park & Lodging Regulations

Guest/Payments/Check In and Check Out
  • All who come to Trinity Bay RV Park Park & Lodging are considered guests. All guests must check in and register at the office and pay the appropriate fees. Guests who do not check in will be asked to leave. Guests are considered licensees and have no exclusive possession, vested interest or control of the premises. There is no tenant/landlord agreement.
  • Check in time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Check out time: 12:00pm on day of departure
  • Quiet Time: 10:00pm – 8:00am
  • If you are a monthly resident, you will pay for the electricity you use along with the monthly rent. All of our sites are individually metered and calculated at the rate of (.13kw).
Recreational Vehicles
  • Each site is limited to one (1) RV and two (2) vehicles. Boats, trailers, ATV’s, Golf Carts also count as one vehicle. If you have a third vehicle, please inform management at the time of check in. A designated parking area will be assigned with a fee of $35 monthly rate.
  • The RV must be well maintained and in excellent overall condition. We reserve the right to refuse service for any rig based on age, appearance, and/or condition. Any unit more than 10 years old must be approved by management.
  • Sewer hoses on long term rigs should be raised off the ground.
  • Commercially made wheel covers are allowed. No storage is allowed under the RV, unless approved by management. A $25 fee will be implemented if not preapproved.
  • Window A/C units, tents, pop-up trailers, horse RVs, and skirting are not permitted.
  • You may wash your RV once a month if you are a monthly resident. No washing of vehicles or boats. A $25 fee may be implemented for unauthorized washing of vehicles or boats.
  • Park staff will escort and guide the parking of all RVs. Please notify the office if you want to move to another site or your RV needs to be repositioned. We will do our best to accommodate you.
Personal Vehicles
  • Vehicles must be well maintained (no oil leaks) and operate in a safe manner. Speed limit in the park is 5 MPH (miles per hour).
  • No repairs or maintenance may be done in the park. Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles are not permitted in the park.
  • Vehicles are to be parked only in the space intended. The common areas are not for parking.
  • Never park in an empty site or on the street.
  • Drive only on the roadways and never through an empty site.
  • All vehicular noise is to be kept to a minimum. No revving of engines or motorcycles.
  • Recreational use of motorized bikes, motorcycles or ATVs within the park is not permitted.
  • Our park staff works hard to keep sites clean and free of debris. Please help by avoiding clutter and eyesores such as boxes, tools, wood, empty flower pots, etc.
  • You are responsible for maintaining a fire proof container to store cigarette butts. Please DO NOT throw your cigarette butts on the ground.
  • Only furniture and items intended for outside use are allowed and must be kept to a minimum.
  • The following are NOT allowed on sites (including under the RV):
    • No clothes lines or hanging of laundry.
    • No appliances outside the RV without prior management approval.
    • Open storage containers. (Plastic storage containers are permitted under your rig, if kept orderly.)
    • No concrete blocks to form structures or brace awnings.
    • No walking through occupied sites or vacant sites.
    • Alcohol consumption is allowed at your site only.
    • Failure to maintain a clean site will result in a $35 fee.
  • All pets must be registered at the office. Pet rules will be issued, and compliance is mandatory. Remember — cats are pets too, and the rules apply to them. They are not to be let out to run loose.
  • We allow all breeds of dogs, but we do not allow aggressive dogs!
  • Pets must always be on a leash with the owner when outdoors. Pets cannot be tied outside and left unattended.
  • Guests must pick up after their pets. The pet park is equipped with doggie bags for your convenience. Please make sure the bag is securely sealed and placed in the trash disposals located in the front entrance of the park and rear of the park. If failure to clean up after your pet, a $25 fee may apply each time.
  • Pets are not allowed in the pool area or laundry facility.
  • Visitors must be accompanied by the registered guest always.
  • Overnight guests must register at the office. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by the guest at all times while in the park.
  • Please notify the office if you are expecting a guest prior to them arriving, so they will be allowed to enter the park.
  • The swimming pool is available for registered guests only. No lifeguard is on duty. All children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No food or glass containers inside pool area. No diving or running. No pets or smoking inside of pool area.
Emergency and Safety
  • If you need to call 911, and time allows, please call the office so the maintenance staff can be prepared to escort the emergency personnel to your site.
  • If you observe any activity you believe to be of concern, call (409) 277-0467 24 hours a day. (No soliciting is allowed.)
  • Emergency Contact Information forms are required from all monthly guests. This information remains private and used only when a situation arises when we need to contact someone in the event of an emergency or is sought by law enforcement agencies. We never give personal information out to others.
Packages and Mail
  • We understand that it is not feasible to set up a post office box at every location you move to. We do allow tenants to have their mail and packages shipped to the RV Park. If you have a package being shipped by UPS or FEDEX, please use the physical address of 1512 S. Main Street Anahuac, TX 77514 to send your packages to. If you are having something sent USPS, please send it to PO Box 571 Anahuac, TX 77514. Please make sure and put your name on the package/mail so we know who to bring it to when we receive it.
  • All monthly guests must have a current contact number on file in the office.
  • Wi-Fi is provided for park guests for email and browsing ONLY. It is NOT for downloading or streaming. This will cause the Internet to slow down tremendously.
  • Please note “NO SMOKING” areas. No smoking is permitted near the Front Office, Laundromat, or Pool area.
  • Sewer/Septic System: No rags, ashes, cloths, diapers or other improper artifice shall be place into the sewer/septic system. Due to potential damages to the septic system, powdered soap must not be used. The cost of repairing clogs or damages caused by such improper conduct shall be the responsibility of the guest and may be treated as an additional charge. Do not flush anything other than toilet tissue in the sewer. No feminine products.
  • Household garbage ONLY is to be placed in the dumpster on the premises. Do not put your garbage from a job site, old furniture, mattresses, etc. You will be charged additional fees.


Consequences for not following these park rules will be an immediate removal from the park. Guests acknowledge that upon receipt of notice to vacate the premises by Trinity Bay RV Park Park & Lodging, guests will leave immediately. No other notice will be required. Guests acknowledge by their signature on the registration form, they have received and will abide by all rules.

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